• low noise medical dental air scaler handpiece

    low noise medical dental air scaler handpiece

    ●Less Pain than ultrasonic Scaler, more applicable for pain sensitive patients. ●Less heat generate during use so that less cooling water used and the version of dentist become clearer. ●The movement track of scaler inserts is like shape of 0,more effective, could quickly eliminate the tartar, plaque and tea teeth, so not only less scratch and hurts on teeth surface but also no any harmful onto gums and teeth enamel. ●Air drive, and directly connect onto 2/4 hole tube of dental unit, very easy to adjust the air pressure according to all kinds of your requirements. ●Metal handle, disinfection durable at both high temperature 135℃ and high pressure 0.22MPa, effectively avoid the cross infection. ●No any electromagnetic radiation

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