2023 DYM Is Grateful To Be With You


Happy New Year to our family members, customers, friends, supply chain partners and senior leaders!


January 2 is the first day to work in 2023, bid farewell to the unforgettable 2022, and start the renewed 2023 in Vientiane. We are grateful for the joint efforts of our DYM family in the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, for the full support of our customers, for the strong cooperation of our supply chain, for the kind care of our superiors, and for the advice and suggestions of all friends to make us continue to grow and keep improving.

In 2022, we feel the country's deep love for us

In 2022, we realize that unity can lead to more peace

In 2022 we understand the importance of good health

In 2022, we know that there is hope only through hard work and progress

In 2022, we will find that ordinary heroes are by our side

Recalling the plague and disaster in 2022, we have experienced 365 days of dawn and night, we are not only witnessing history, we are also creating our own small history. I believe this experience is an invaluable asset for most of us.

Welcome to the new year 2023, we believe that this is also a special year to create extraordinary. We will join hands with a group of consensus people to upgrade and iterate our DYM brand, technology and service, so as to benefit more dental people.

Because we DYM is a group of people who are not willing to be mediocre.

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