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Oral medical equipment purchase features

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Oral medical equipment purchase according to the same goods than the quality, the same quality than the price, the same price than the service, the same service than the integrity of the procurement principle, and suppliers to establish an equal, respectful, trustworthy relationship to ensure the reduction of oral equipment Purchase cost. Regrettably, too many dentists are eager to purchase equipment, equipment and materials based on information provided by direct mail order, sales representatives, magazines, continuing education seminars or oral medical equipment trade shows. Many dentists found that after purchasing the product, they did not bring the benefits claimed in the advertisement.

 In the National Stomatological Hospital (especially teaching and research institutions), the standard for purchasing equipment is often novel, convenient, and efficient. The usage rate, price, and reliability of equipment are often not the main criteria. However, for-profit dental institutions should first put the question “Is it best for me?” in the first place, and should repeatedly ask: How to use and maintain these products? Will these products make the patient feel better? Are these products more effective, more efficient, and easier to use? Of course, the relationship between the cost of these products and recycling must also be considered.

 Any equipment manufacturer and distributor will use all promotional means to open the market for their products. As a purchaser, they must keep a clear head and not be impressed by the beautiful photos and preferential conditions. In the purchase of dental equipment, equipment and materials, it must be guarded against the misunderstanding that only high-end and luxury equipment and materials are qualified to negotiate quality services. The positioning of dental clinics is different, the service groups are different, it is impossible in hardware facilities, and should not be consistent, but the concept of “patient-oriented” is the same. Step by step oral medical equipment equipment exhibition hall, vision, everywhere is a high-tech display, there are so many choices! Which one should I buy first, and which manufacturer's product should I choose? How does the purchased product affect physicians, teams, and work, and more importantly, what impact does this product have on patient care? The problem that dentists must consider before purchasing a technology product is that choosing the right equipment, equipment, and materials can greatly improve the diagnostic efficiency of the dentist.

 In order to enable the dental clinic to purchase the most suitable products at the most reasonable price when purchasing equipment, we now propose reasonable purchase of oral equipment and equipment for the problems related to the performance, price and quality of dental equipment, equipment and materials. And materials should pay attention to the following:

 1. Starting from service orientation The original intention of adopting new technology is to provide patients with better treatment. Due to the characteristics of oral medical services, there are many types of dental clinic equipment, instruments and materials, and the grades are very different. The development of dental clinic construction plans and the addition of equipment, equipment and materials should be determined according to the scope of business and financial conditions, and subject to the size of the dental clinic. The scope of business depends on human resources, technical level and venue conditions. The effectiveness of equipment, equipment and materials, in the final analysis, depends on the quality of the purchase, that is, you must not compromise on quality issues, otherwise it will directly affect your oral medical service level. Starting from the service orientation of the dental clinic and the main service targets, based on the principle of economy and practicality, taking into account the actual situation of the dental clinic and the local environment, determine the function, configuration requirements and grades of the equipment, so as to avoid the waste of equipment functions and the lack of funds. Reasonable occupation. For example, in some areas where the economy is still underdeveloped, there is no need to purchase high-end luxury treatment machines that are not needed for some functions. In the case of inadequate nurses, it is not necessary to select and configure the device as required by the four-hand operation.

2. Mastering information comparison The continuous upgrading of oral medical equipment, equipment and materials is superficially the result of continuous pursuit of fashion in dental medicine, but in essence it is the result of continuous progress and continuous evolution of social economy and technology. The visibility and credibility of manufacturers and distributors of equipment, equipment and materials should be known. Whether it is necessary for customers to bless high-quality services, whether they can try their best to satisfy customers, and be praised by users is very important. Understand the cost performance of equipment, equipment and materials in the same industry, compare equipment equipment, function, appearance, internal structure, control mode, performance stability, quality reliability, service life, choose stable, reliable, long life to meet your own work requirements product. When purchasing, it should be noted that the appearance and technology of the selected equipment have a certain leading position in the region to enhance the continued competitiveness of the dental clinic in the medical market.

At present, the market of dental medical equipment is in a prosperous period, and it is also one of the best periods for users to purchase equipment. The competition among manufacturers of dental medical equipment has caused the price to fall down, but there has also been a phenomenon of mixed fish. All kinds of "three no" products are flooding the city, and users must be cautious when purchasing. The job of purchasing dental medical equipment is not taught by the school. The school only provides a single product for teaching. The dentist is a direct user of the dental product and should have a comprehensive and deep understanding of the product used. Many dentists mentioned in their introductions that they mainly read the advertisements to understand the products, and after discovering the products of interest, they request samples for testing. If they feel good after use, they will look for relevant clinical reports and research reports in the magazine to further increase their understanding of the product, and ask the author and other physicians for more information. Before deciding whether to purchase a product, they will also evaluate the economic benefits of purchasing the product based on their own work. Familiar with the product specifications provided by the manufacturer, understanding of the products through the magazines and the same way, and participating in hands-on workshops when necessary, almost all the preparatory preparations mentioned by experienced physicians.


3. Trial comparison choices Oral medical equipment is not a household item, they are used by patients. Its use and maintenance have a high technical content. This is why some manufacturers refuse to sell their products to physicians who have not attended specialized training. Nowadays, more and more manufacturers and distributors invite some experts to hold classes and practical training courses to introduce their technologies and products. This is a very good form of promotion. For the sponsor (or sponsor), it is unrealistic to completely get rid of the economic benefits. However, when responsible physicians introduce a technology and product to their own peers, they will not only talk about their superiority and benefits, but also deliberately avoid their inadequacies and precautions.

Now the same material, manufacturers and distributors will have many homes, especially the commonly used cements, impressions, adhesives, etc. in dental clinics. Before use, as a manager, first of all, to understand whether it has various qualifications for the introduction of new materials in the dental clinic, but also to understand the performance of the materials, clinical use effects, prices, etc., carefully listen to the manufacturer's product introduction, and put the product Explain the comparison with the description of similar products, find out the performance and characteristics that are different from each other, whether it meets the needs of their own clinical use; secondly, there must be a certain trial period, which is determined by the reaction of the doctor, nurse and patient. The clinical use effect; finally, the price of similar products should be compared. If the performance is the same, the effect is similar. In order to save the clinic expenses, it is necessary to choose.

4. Domestic equipment and imported equipment Reform and opening up, foreign advanced n-cavity medical equipment and equipment flooded into China, enabling domestic dental medical equipment manufacturers to find a gap with the world and promote the rise of China's national industry. It has developed modern dental treatment equipment such as conjoined dental treatment machines, electric dental chairs, and gas turbine mobile phones, which has gradually narrowed the gap with the world. Some companies have reached the international mid-level level in terms of product quality, process level and exterior design. There is still a certain gap between China and the developed countries in the field of oral medical equipment, equipment and materials.

 In the field of ordinary resin products, the United States has certain advantages; in the field of burrs, Switzerland has an advantage; in the field of denture products, Brazil has obvious advantages; in terms of technical equipment and porcelain equipment, Germany leads; on the x-ray machine, Italy has a unique At the office. Although there are certain gaps between the equipment, instruments and materials in the enclosure and the imported equipment, equipment and materials, the domestic oral treatment equipment meets the clinical needs, after-sales service and spare parts supply with its low price, appearance quality and function that cannot be underestimated. The advantages of protection, such as i, have formed a market-sharing pattern with imported products and have begun to enter the international market.

  According to reports, China's export market for dental medical equipment and materials in 2010 is much larger than the import market, with an export value of 289 million US dollars, increasing foreign exchange power for China's medical device trade market. In 2010, China's oral medical equipment and materials were exported to 166 countries around the world. Among them, the United States is China's largest export market for oral medical equipment and materials. The United States has imported a total of 608.91 million US dollars of oral medical equipment and materials from China, accounting for 23.55% of the total export value. Secondly, Hong Kong, China, the export price is 4780. US$74,000, accounting for 16.55% of the total export value. In addition, Germany, Japan and Macau are also major exporting countries and regions of oral medical equipment and materials in China. Compared with similar products in the country, the price of domestic cavity treatment machines is only 50%-60% of the latter. It can be seen that the price advantage of domestic products is obvious. Generally speaking, the guarantee mechanism for after-sales service of domestic dental medical equipment manufacturers is relatively better. At present, the market for producing dental medical equipment, instruments and materials is in a prosperous period, which is a good time for users to purchase domestic oral medical equipment, equipment and materials.


5. Proper investment ahead When purchasing oral medical equipment, it is the configuration choice of equipment function. The development speed of the oral treatment machine is fast, and the idea of one step is not practical. When economic conditions permit, add as much equipment as possible with superior performance, full-featured, and relatively high grade, in order to shorten the operation time, reduce the labor intensity of the physician, improve efficiency, and ensure the quality of medical care. Adding sophisticated equipment is also a powerful “selling point” for clinics, such as several mobile phone disinfection equipment, panoramic dental tablets, dental implants, and endoscopic digital cameras. Where appropriate, an appropriate investment ahead is worth considering.

Whenever a new patient arrives at the clinic, the reception nurse should guide them (except the emergency patient) to visit and introduce the design decoration, separation layout, equipment and equipment, so that the patient can understand the concept and level of the dental clinic, and also understand the psychological characteristics of the patient. Hope and desire. In this way, when the dental doctor introduces the treatment plan and talks about the digital x-ray machine, the Periolase laser machine, and the CEREC CAD/CAM technology, the patient will be more imaged and friendly. In the market, oral medical equipment can be roughly divided into three types that are mature, in the development stage, and newly invented. When buying and replacing products, you should not be too conservative. If you only buy and use the product when it is widely known, you may miss out on opportunities to further develop the market, attract more patients, and increase patient awareness.

6. Pay attention to product quality and maintenance It should be noted that the equipment, equipment and materials purchased have medical device product registration certificate and registration form issued by the competent government department, which is an important symbol of product quality. It is important to participate in relevant training courses provided by the manufacturer to learn how to use them as soon as possible; at the same time, it is also important to integrate the entire team into the practice of new technologies (Figure 2-2).

Maintenance and repair of equipment is also very important, should pay attention to the feasibility of after-sales service commitments of manufacturers and distributors of dental medical equipment, equipment and materials supply, whether it has the ability of after-sales service, including maintenance technology, maintenance and rapid response , repair parts supply. Whether there is a special maintenance department in the local and surrounding areas, in order to prevent unnecessary troubles after purchasing equipment. It is necessary to organize relevant personnel to learn the maintenance and necessary maintenance of all oral medical device equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and prolong the service life. Oral medical equipment and equipment, if you can pay attention to use, good maintenance, the service life can be 5-10 years. In the United States, many physicians pay attention to the information provided by Reality Publishing and Clinical Research Associates (CRA). They are independent independent dental medical equipment evaluation agencies, and regularly publish comprehensive test results for the clinical use value of oral medical equipment.

 Because these results are more objective and have fewer commercial colors, they are of great reference to the decision of the dentist. Manufacturers are also concerned about their reports. However, their evaluation results may not be completely suitable for the actual situation of each dentist and oral cavity, so the dentists should have their own standards and goals when judging and measuring oral medical equipment products, and make their own final decisions.