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New technology can screen oral cancer through saliva smell

2019-02-26 15:39:23 0

Researchers at North Kyushu City University in Japan have recently invented a technology that can screen oral cancer through the smell of saliva, and it is expected to develop into a simple early diagnosis of oral cancer.

Kitakyushu City University issued a communique recently, saying that Professor Li Yuyou and the researchers at Kyushu Dental University have invented a new technology for screening oral cancer through saliva odor. This technology detects 27 odor markers that reflect the characteristics of oral cancer in saliva. These markers are actually volatile organic compounds emitted by the body. Researchers can quickly determine whether there is oral cancer based on changes in 12 components. . In the trial, the team used a marker of saliva odor to distinguish between saliva samples from patients with oral cancer and healthy people.

Oral cancer is a cancer with high incidence and difficulty in early detection, and most of them belong to squamous cell carcinoma. More than 7,300 people died of oral cancer in Japan in 2016.

The research team believes that the saliva test is not a burden on the testee. It is a convenient oral cancer screening method. It is expected to be applied to the development of oral cancer diagnostic techniques and equipment in the future. It is also possible to check other types by analyzing the markers of saliva smell. cancer.